Behind the beast 


Recently, we introduced you to our latest home-grown production, Run The Beast Down. Here we speak to our co-producer, Libby Brodie, to find out more about this exciting new play.

“I would say to expect the unexpected. I don’t want to give anything away, but I can say it’s unlike anything anyone will have seen at The Marlowe before. Or will have perhaps seen before anywhere,” says Libby of Run The Beast Down, which will be performed in The Marlowe Studio in January.

Although she doesn’t want to spoil any surprises, she is prepared to tell us a bit more to whet our appetites: “One of the major things about the show is the fact that a musical soundscape is being created for the production, this is actually going to be DJ-ed live on stage, while the actor is performing. So it sort of creates a gig-theatre hybrid piece, that kind of dynamic. It’s very exhilarating. It’s very interesting seeing how the words work with the music. What’s being created is truly original and truly unique.”

It sounds like the perfect fit for Libby, who left her job with a large commercial theatre producer, in order to: “challenge myself and do different types of theatre,” and to work on things that are, “different and new and outside of the box”. She was attracted to this particular play: “Firstly because of the writing. Titas Halder’s script is fantastic. It gave me goose bumps reading it. It’s almost like poetry itself, and it’s totally thrilling, and also quite funny, and also the end – obviously I’m not going to give anything away – but, wow! Working with The Marlowe is exciting as well. I’d taken shows to The Marlowe before, in the main auditorium, in my old job, and it’s a really gorgeous theatre. I thought it would be excellent to work with such a respected and renowned regional theatre and I was quite drawn to what The Marlowe are doing with developing new work.”

Libby got involved with this production through Hannah Price, the play’s director, with whom she founded Theatre Uncut in 2011. Libby says: “I was looking for productions that excited me and interested me, something that I would enjoy getting my teeth into, and she sent me the script, and I thought it was fantastic, and very different to what I’d been doing in the commercial world. I thought it was intriguing.”

Intriguing it certainly is… We’ll be bringing you more about Run The Beast Down in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Run The Beast Down: The Marlowe Studio, Tuesday 24-Saturday 28 January. Book here.

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