Ten questions to… Ben Roddy


We get to know our panto dame a little better, as he answers our quickfire questionnaire.

Best experience on stage?
It was probably the Edinburgh Playhouse, which seats 3,000 people. I was playing Mr Collins in Pride And Prejudice, who’s the light relief, and getting a laugh from 3,000 people is an amazing experience.

Worst experience on stage?
I was in a farce once, and during one performance, half way through, the set slumped forwards, meaning we couldn’t open and close the front door, so for the whole of act 2 we had to make all our entrances and exits through the window. It brought the house down though, so it wasn’t all bad.

Best thing about Canterbury?
The Marlowe. It’s brilliant, the best theatre in the country. It’s a real jewel in the crown. It’s fantastic to play in, and it has fantastic shows here. I’m on stage here, but I’m also a punter.

Greatest remaining ambition?
I’d love to do more Shakespeare.

If you could have a superpower which one would you choose?

First appearance on stage?
With the National Youth Music Theatre, at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, when I was 11. I’d done school plays before that, but that was my first proper stage appearance, in Captain Stirrick.

Guiltiest pleasure?
A good burgundy.

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Lloyd Hollett! No, maybe not… I don’t know. Actually, yes, Lloyd Hollett. That would be fun!

Favourite role you’ve played?
Dame, obviously. It’s great, and I just love it. The audiences are so fantastic. Apart from that, I really enjoyed Cassio in Othello, that’s a great role. I recently played Tom the Vet in Alan Ayckbourn’s The Norman Conquests, and that’s a very satisfying role. It’s always the next part that I’m most looking forward to, though.

How do you relax?
I like cricket, I love listening to cricket. I like playing with my son. Me and my son go swimming in the sea a lot, we go to Whitstable and swim. I think a day that you have swum in the sea has not been a wasted day.

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