Across the bay

The Lamellar Project_image

We find out about a production with a global scale and some very local connections, which is coming to The Marlowe Studio next month.

It’s 2039. The Earth’s eco-system is collapsing. Two scientists on opposite sides of the Atlantic are thrown into a new kind of war…

That’s the premise for The Lamellar Project, an exciting story of eco-activism, love and betrayal coming soon to The Marlowe Studio. More than just your usual theatre performance, The Lamellar Project also features film, and a live video link from Philadelphia in every show.

But although the plot has a global scale, the show has some very local connections. It’s being produced in conjunction with The Bay Trust, an environmental education charity based at St Margaret’s Bay, near Dover. The Trust aims to preserve and enhance the local environment, as well as providing a wide range of opportunities for people of different ages and backgrounds to learn about sustainable living.

Their chairman Alistair Gould says: “We’re thrilled to be helping support the multi-faceted Lamellar Project come to the stage. Writer Grant Watson is leading the vanguard of a new model of  ‘Eco Edutainment’ – a highly thought-provoking piece that sees mankind arriving in a challenging future scenario. This is both riveting theatre and also a wake up call – an opportunity  to  consider the pathways still open to us today regarding how we will live and feed ourselves a couple of decades from now. Will the path we choose be folly or one our grandchildren will thank us for?”

 The Lamellar Project: The Marlowe Studio, Tuesday 3 & Wednesday 4 May. Book here


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