A Better Woman: Meet the director

A Better Woman_facebook

Last week, we brought you news of our new, home-grown production, A Better Woman. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the play’s director, who started working full time on the project this week.

She’s Tilly Vosburgh, who is probably best known for her work as an actress, especially on EastEnders, where she played the role of Susan Rose for two years. Tilly also has a growing career as a theatre director, which started when she began working with drama students after the birth of her children.

Of A Better Woman she says: “It’s a really interesting play, because although it is very funny, it’s also a very good study in human relationships and all the minutiae of when relationships go a bit wrong, and how even a really healthy relationship can go wrong. I think Simon [the play’s author Simon Mendes da Costa] is really quite a genius at looking at all the ins and outs of relationships and also I think the audience will be quite touched by the play, because at the end of the day, all of the characters are looking for happiness really – contentment, rather than thrills. I think the characters are really warm and interesting, and it’s very funny.”

That is one aspect of the play which Tilly is particularly well-qualified to judge: “My dad was a comedy writer – a guy called Dick Vosburgh, who wrote for The Two Ronnies and David Frost, etc – so I was brought up on comedy and from age 4 or 5 my dad was running his material past me, seeing if it made me laugh. So I think I’ve always had a kind of comedy brain. Although my acting career has actually mostly been quite the opposite of comedy!”

We’ll have more updates on this production in the coming weeks.


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