Are you ready for this jelly?

Private View Plunge Theatre

Making their way to The Marlowe Studio soon are Plunge Theatre with Private View. This powerful feminist comedy explores the rituals we go through in a futile pursuit of perfection, and how women (and men) are judged. It’s had great responses at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in London, and has been recomended by both The Guardian and Elle Magazine. Now, the Plunge girls come to Canterbury. So, are you ready for this jelly?

When people ask us why we made Private View they get more than they bargained for, because, at this stage we know it better than we know ourselves.

Private View is about our predicament as three young women, do I wax or do I shave? Am I sexy? Jesus, where does that go?

Underneath the humour of the piece bubbles the raging discomfort we, and women everywhere, are forced to feel every day. From patronising protein ads to the glances your pencil skirt gets you on the way to that meeting – it all boils down to one specific notion: that women are objects, that their only value is in their beauty and that if you’re not quite beautiful enough, you’d better get to work on yourself.

These ideals have permeated our society for long enough. Young people, both male and female, are born porous to this information, it’s damaging them and it’s damaging us. Since 2008 the number of eating disorder patients has increased by 7% every year. Do we really want to be a part of the generation who sat back and let this happen?

At Plunge we don’t know whether or not to laugh or cry most of the time and therefore we present to you Private View: part love song part hate mail, part comedy part tragedy, and all heart.

In the two years we’ve been working on this show the scale and honesty of our audience’s responses has been as unsettling as it has inspiring. Every G&T washed down with tears has been chased by a meeting where we stand excitedly over A3 paper, wielding pink marker pens, so excited we can’t cope, actually just shouting ‘WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO? WORKSHOPS!? PANEL DISCUSSIONS!? LETS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOLS.’

So, we’re coming for you now. For one night only. We’ll be holding a discussion after the show (we LOVE to talk) and we’ll be planning future workshops too. We’re demanding a space in your theatre, school, heart and soul – because we got bored in the kitchen and we don’t have the right figures for Vogue.

So join us, we’re not here to accept society, we’re here to question it, preferably via chocolate cake and Beyonce…

Private View is at The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury, on Friday 22 May.

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