Aladdin: the reviews are in!

Aladdin at The Marlowe Theatre Canterbury. Photo by Paul Clapp.

Photo: Paul Clapp

So Aladdin is up and running and you guys are absolutely loving it! We’ve rounded up our reviews so you can see what the critics think, and you can also read audience comments here.

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“Featuring a glittering cast…The show is a brilliant visual sensation and we were enthralled by both the jokes and the fabulous acting. We were crying out with laughter at the actors’ hilarious high-jinks.

This pantomime is certainly well worth a visit. It’s sure to fill you all with festive cheer.”

The Sun

“Our three-year-old Oscar, a panto first timer, was rolling with laughter at the slapstick comedy, grooving in his seat to the songs and was thoroughly carried away with the traditional audience participation that all kids, and most of the adults in the audience, love.

If you still haven’t booked your tickets do it now. This is a West End-style panto here in our fair city. And you most definitely get your money’s worth and much more.”

Kentish Gazette

“riotous and great fun…The children will love the fun (audience participation is the name of the game) and the clutch of modern songs including Pharell’s Happy, while adults will be able to have a giggle at the more ‘grown-up’ quips…Sabrina Aloueche steals the show as the Essex-girl Spirit of the Ring.”

Canterbury Times

Scott Maslen and Sabrina Aloueche in Aladdin at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Photo by Paul Clapp.

Scott Maslen and Sabrina Aloueche in Aladdin. Photo by Paul Clapp.

“As Widow Twankey, [Roddy] steals every scene he is in, with outrageous costumes, smart quips, and a confidence and comfort in his surroundings – that it is impossible not to warm to him.

But then its difficult not to warm to the Marlowe panto each year. It reeks of quality and family entertainment. The sets of Aladdin are rich, the effects, at times, remarkably spectacular.

Without wishing to spoil anything, the magic carpet sequence is breathtaking and there’s plenty of animal magic on stage too with some well executed set pieces.

This is an excellent, high quality production, full of all the ingredients a pantomime needs to make your Christmas sparkle. You’ll laugh and sing and probably want to go back again the following night.”

Kent On Sunday

“bringing trademark sunshine to the South East… lavish sets (Helga Wood’s design); slick musical numbers; gloriously over-the-top costumes (including some to rival the three giants last year); and, of course, those ‘spurious comedy sketches’…Spectacular.”

Public Reviews ★★★★

Aladdin at The Marlowe Theatre Canterbury. Photo by Paul Clapp.

Photo by Paul Clapp.

“Pure pantomime spectacle…Pyrotechnics, fire and a strong lighting design add to the sense of spectacle, but it is slapstick and comedy that form the show’s backbone and are the trademark of an Evolution pantomime.

Roddy is a superb Twankey….The art of Daming takes many years to refine and Roddy demonstrates the variety of skills the role demands, from pratfuls to puns, seductiveness to silliness whilst balancing caring with chaos in perfect measure.

As Wishee Washee [Phil] Gallagher delivers an energetic and engaging performance, and Lloyd Hollett completes the terrific trio as PC Pongo. Hollett is one of the best comics Pantoland has to offer.

Topping the bill, Scott Maslen is a wonderfully camp and conniving Abanazar who isn’t afraid to send himself up.”

British Theatre Guide

“…a luxury product including plenty of spectacle: flying across the auditorium, a near life-size stage elephant and a malevolent giant mummy. Eight fine ensemble dancers and Helga Wood’s lush sets add zest too.”

The Stage

Lloyd Hollett in Aladdin at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Photo by Paul Clapp.

Photo by Paul Clapp.

“An incredibly lavish backdrop and range of glitzy costumes…a range of incredible dance sequences.

Scott Maslen…is utterly entertaining as the wicked wizard. Mister Maker (Phil Gallagher) who is a winner among mums and dads too with his comic timing and occasional naughty joke…Ben Roddy…is pure comedy gold, with an extensive and flamboyant wardrobe and feisty attitude; the late Dave Lee would certainly be proud.

It is Sabrina Aloueche as the Spirit of the Ring however who wins the vocal competition.

Once again, the Marlowe panto is an all-round fantastic performance. The show is always a delight for the whole family and they’re only getting better with age.”

The Void

“…as glitzy, spectacular and eccentric as you could want a Christmas panto to be.

The production is an absolute extravaganza.  Between the detailed costumes and elaborate sets, Aladdin has more glitz than a disco-ball. It’s absolute madness and the kids love it.

Aloueche, playing The Spirit of the Ring, stands out as the most talented cast member by far, showcasing her background in some serious London musicals. As well as singing and dancing, she reveals an unexpectedly funny side (considering she has performed in the none-too-cheery Les Mis). The audience also goes wild for her rendition of Let It Go.”

Plays To See

“Another outstanding pantomime from The Marlowe Theatre, with an extremely talented supporting cast who never fail to make the audience laugh.”

The Angry Microwave ★★★★

Aladdin is at The Marlowe Theatre until Sunday 11 January.

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