Small Plans: making a serious point doesn’t always have to be done in a serious way

Small Plans at The Marlowe Studio.

Small Plans at The Marlowe Studio.

By Alex Mitchell, Director

When I was first given Small Plans over a year and a half ago, I had no idea how far this 17-page monologue would go, from landing on my desk in early 2013 to touring the country. It has been an absolute joy from the moment I read past the first word.

The reason being is that it is dealing with issues of people, it’s not trying to solve the credit crunch, or re-evaluate your relationship, or tell you to switch to soy. It is a heartfelt, brutally honest story about sometimes, when at a crisis point, you might realise you have absolutely no idea what to do; and that’s okay.

One thing that we all wanted to ensure from our first coffee-soaked meetings, whilst trying to plan the first version of Small Plans (that showcased in a disused office in October 2013), was to make sure the humour was not lost from the script. Katy’s journey as a character is not always filled with happiness, rainbows, or kittens; however, it is rooted with a sharp, unbiased, and honest humour of her own unfortunate predicament.

This honest and macabre humour is the driving force of Small Plans, something that we wanted to make sure was shown throughout. Which led us to the realisation that serious issues sometimes do not have to be shown in a serious way. That some of the most thought-provoking and relatable films, TV shows and theatre, that we enjoy, is also probably the most entertaining – this what we wanted to achieve.

Katy is not a nice person, I wouldn’t even go as far to say she is a good person; however, she is still a person – a person who laughs, cries, and dances awfully when she’s had too much to drink; just like anybody else. She is someone who does not try to complain about the awful things that happen to her, she just tries to see if she can even come close to understanding why; failing that, she just tries to accept that it happened and move on – just like everybody else.

Everyday tragedy is ripe; however, comedy is also – it is the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day. Seeing in the story that sometimes the big plans don’t go to plan, and that it’s the small plans that make it all worthwhile, made us realise that sometimes there is nothing wrong with making your point whilst making people laugh, or at the very least smile!

Small Plans is at The Marlowe Studio on Saturday 4 October, 8pm. Click here to view an album of production photos. Find Silent Uproar Productions on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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